Aligning content to revenue:

Is your content going to waste?

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Salespeople and marketers struggle to remain relevant today, as buyers increasingly believe a quick Google search will be more helpful than interacting with a brand or a sales rep.  


Simultaneously, companies around the globe are spending a large chunk of their marketing budgets on content meant to educate buyers. A quarter of marketing spend goes to content creation, according to SiriusDecisions, for a global total of $5.2 billion annually. Yet 70% of that content goes unused by sales (and by customers). That’s a huge waste.


Companies are creating content to educate buyers, and buyers are looking for education. So how do we bring them together?  

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View this this half-hour webinar, and learn how to:

  • Make sure sales finds value in marketing content and actively uses it
  • Better align content to a prospect’s educational needs
  • Reduce content waste

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