How to get your sales team out of the Stone Age

May 23rd at 11am CEST / SAST

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Buyers have changed.  Is your sales team prepared?

Buyers today are more informed than ever. By the time they talk to a salesperson, they have already gathered a lot of information online. Sales reps need to adapt to conversations with more informed, empowered prospects.

It’s more important than ever to have the right tools in place before sales connects with an educated buyer.



Join us for this 30 minute webinar to learn how you can:

  • Equip your reps to bring more value to every sales conversation
  • Use analytics to help sales close deals and improve marketing collateral performance.
  • Differentiate your sales team from the competition


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Marc Dijkstra

Marc Dijkstra is the head of technical sales at Agilitude, South Africa’s first Salesforce.com reseller and platinum consulting partner. Marc heads up a team of Customer Experience evangelists, who are passionate about helping companies to get closer to their customers. Agilitude implements systems that connect our organisations with their customers to get better leads and increase sales to grow their businesses.

Piet Saegeman

Piet Saegeman is a product marketing manager at Showpad. He has a strong background in marketing, communication, and sales. He is passionate about technology, and believes in strong opinions, loosely held.

"The actionable insights and influential speakers make Showpad's webinars the absolute number 1  if you want to learn more about sales enablement ." - J. Thomas
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Schneider Electric

“Now, sales reps look at content at four times the rate than when content was located on the website- that’s a 300% increase in activity!”


Jeremy McCullough
Global Manager of Web and Mobile Experience
Schneider Electric


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