Sales Enablement Optimization Study 
2015 Key Trends Analysis


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According to the latest CSO Insights research, companies with a sales enablement function in place outperform those without by 8.2% in higher revenues. However, today 75% of the firms surveyed don’t have this function in place, and the 25% that do could optimize their efforts even further.

CSO Insights conducted a survey with 300+ companies in order to understand the role of sales enablement in helping organizations identify prospects and move them more effectively through the sales process to a close.

Download a complimentary copy of the 2015 Key Trends Analysis to explore current best practices and case studies. Key topics include:

  • Impact that sales enablement has on global sales organizations today
  • The role that the customer’s journey plays in sales process development
  • How sales enablement functions are being set up within companies
  • The role technology and sales content is playing in supporting sales enablement

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